LGBT, Short Story

It Gets Better

I’m not like other girls.

I don’t listen to radio pop, I listen to alt rock.

I don’t wear skirts, I wear zebra print skinny jeans.

I don’t watch Teen Wolf and Glee, I watch anime and Doctor Who.

I don’t read Twilight, I read yaoi.

I don’t whore around, wear makeup, or date normies like other girls my age.

Wait, that’s not right.

I’m not a teenage girl at all.

I’m a twenty-six-year-old gremlin who lives in the basement.

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Small Things

light and dark

“When the Nations came down upon the dragons with their fury, those of us with obsidian scales felt it the hardest.

People harbor the illusion that white is good, black is evil. That dark is destruction, that light is holy. This is an empty dichotomy. I witnessed a village wiped out by radiant flames, hundreds of lives seared to ash in a blinding instant. Light is just as wrathful, just as sinister. It matters not which kind of magic you conjure, but what you do with it.”

This is a prototype design for Draekai, a plane-hoppin’ Dragonborn who broke away from the order he once served to embrace the Abyss. He’s got a big sword and some crazy ass magical powers.

LGBT, Short Story

You People Are Monsters

Having sex with a werewolf just before the full moon’s rising was not Allen’s smartest idea. Matters were made worse when the obnoxious ghost from next door floated in.

“What’s up, bros?”

Romeo died at a frat party. Freak accident. For him, the party never ended.

“Hey, deadbrain,” growled the lycanthrope currently pumping his hips, “we’re in the middle of something.”

“By all means, carry on. How about I order pizza and we can hang out after you guys finish. That cool?”

Allen lifted his head up from the pillow to say, “Pizza would be great, actually.”

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Short Story


(This story is NSFW)

With each thrust she gasps and claws harder at his back. His hips will grind her to dust and her soul will break under the pleasure. He’ll scatter her ashes across the bed, and she’ll suck his blood out from underneath her fingernails

When they finish she lies next to him and watches his chest heave with his breaths; up down, up down, up down. Like waves at sea.

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Short Story


Here’s a story I published on P&P but wanted to share here as well because at face value it really has nothing to do with politics at all.

A woman tormented by a ghost. A demon more familiar than it seems.

Prejudice & Politics

I feel her everywhere.

She is the shadow at the end of every hallway. The eyes staring at me from the darkness. The black figure I catch in corner of my vision. The chill that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand. She is never in front of me, always behind. Always watching.

She came like death–suddenly and absolutely. I will always remember that day.

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LGBT, Short Story

The Pretend Girlfriend

V stood in the doorway, hesitating. The club’s padded carpet was no stranger to the bottom of his Oxfords, but this night felt different. Hanging from his arm was a woman with hair as straight as it was dark, cat-like eyes accentuated by carefully drawn lines of black, and a scarlet dress that hugged her thighs. Together, they slipped into a world of chatter, wine, and men in expensive black suits.

Actually, the woman at V’s side was no woman at all, and this would be the only time V would ever willingly link arms with him.

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